Sprague Israel Giles, Inc.

Seattle in 1959

In 1958 Dave Sprague and Mike Israel left Fred S. James to start their own insurance brokerage firm. It was an amicable departure.

With $14,000 they bought their books of business, wheeled their files down the street, and set up shop in the Vance Building on Third and Union in Seattle. From that day to this, the firm has been located in the heart of Seattle’s downtown. 

In 1968 Leon Giles joined the firm. Fifteen years later his name made it to the letterhead, and since then we have been Sprague Israel Giles, Inc., commonly called “SIG.”

Steady Progress

For many decades, business growth came by way of referrals.  Our customers appreciated excellent service from some of the most knowledgeable insurance experts in town. Our primary goal has always been to keep customers, by meeting their needs and creating value for them. In this way, each department has grown — Commercial, Employee Benefits, and Personal Lines — every year, without exception.

In time, Dave, Mike, and Leon retired from the firm. Sean Corry served as SIG's President from 2008 through his retirement in 2018.  John Policar is now President; Our Vice Presidents and shareholders include Rob Karl, Marnie White and Monica Cripe. 

SIG has grown to be a successful, well-respected company handling nearly $100 million in premiums each year. For our success we must thank our customers.


Sprague Israel Giles has a proud history of community involvement.  The firm’s principals and employees have served on many nonprofit boards and regularly volunteer their time with nonprofit agencies, many of which are SIG clients. The United Way tells us that our firm gives more, per employee, than any other company in our industry. 

SIG is known as Seattle's only progressive insurance broker, with a well-deserved reputation for advocacy and reform. Insurance companies respect us for our fierce and smart representation of our clients. State legislators and regulators have heard SIG employees testify many times in support of bills that would improve coverage, lower costs, or make health care more accessible.

SIG Today

What can you expect from Sprague Israel Giles? Intelligent, personal attention. Diverse employees who always put clients first and are effective advocates for clients and subscribers.  A strong work ethic and high moral standards.

And always, expert advice and consultation on all insurance-related services. We help you understand your risks, insure you appropriately, save you money, and stand up for you when you have a claim.

Why aren't you doing business with Sprague Israel Giles?

Non-Profit Client Comment

We were unanimous in our preference for SIG for our benefits broker.
Some of the winning characteristics of your team’s presentation included:
• Commitment to service   • Clear expertise in this field   • Commitment to teamwork and communications
• Cost effectiveness   • Personal styles of each person present   • Your understanding of our organization’s nonprofit issues
• Your commitment to community, the United Way and Day of Caring.
Yes, it does make a difference!

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