Confidence and Peace of Mind

As a business owner, you want to know that your insurance needs are being met by one of the leading property and casualty brokers in the Northwest.  At Sprague Israel Giles, we take the time to learn your business.  With SIG you'll get smart risk management strategies, comprehensive policies and the most competitive premiums.

As Your Needs Change, So Should Your Insurance

Your growth and prosperity are our goals too, which is why we routinely evaluate your coverage and suggest appropriate cost-saving changes.  You'll benefit from the longstanding relationships we have with our carriers, and from aggressive marketing to secure the most appropriate coverage best suited to your business.

Take Advantage of our Knowledge and Experience

Our knowledgeable risk and insurance experts offer practical strategies and solutions for dealing with the challenges you face daily.  Our clients have operations both here and abroad - SIG works with thousands of retail and service businesses, nonprofit organizations, real estate companies, manufacturers, distributors and of course, organizations like YOURS!  

Specialty Insurance for Specialty Businesses
Legal Medical & Recreational Marijuana / Cannabis Businesses

Specialty businesses require experts who understand your industry. Businesses in the  legal medical & recreational marijuana / cannabis industry can have the confidence that our insurance experts have taken the time to develop coverage products specific to your business needs. Learn more about our Legal Medical & Recreational Marijuana / Cannabis Business Insurance Program.

Natural InsuranceTM / Business and Malpractice Insurance for Naturopaths

Sprague Israel Giles understands that Naturopathic doctors have business and malpractice insurance needs that are very specific. We  understand your business and  have developed a program specific to your  needs. Learn more about our Natural InsuranceTM Program for Naturopaths.

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Rob, we just received your latest insurance binder for our buildings.
Congratulations on the binder’s completeness and a huge THANK YOU for your “Summary of Coverage.”
I appreciate how complex our insurance has become for our buildings. You have provided a clear chart of the insurances,
a premium comparison and premium breakdown per property. What a wonderful template for all owners
of multiple properties. It is truly a pleasure working with you as our insurance representative.
~Bob W.

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