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Serving Families for 120 Years

In the waning days of 1891, the people of Seattle were presented with a new idea: for charity to be most effective, it would need to be organized. From this premise, the organization that would become Wellspring Family Services was born.  Early in 1892, the agency served its first clients, helping needy families with food, clothing, rent assistance, education and employment.  Over the last 120 years, Wellspring has helped countless families through times of crisis, while also helping to address the root causes of homelessness and instability so it never happens again.  

Changing Lives and Futures

In 2009 Wellspring Family Services moved into its first-ever home, co-locating their many services in the Rotary Support Center for Families.  Today, Wellspring Family Services helps people in need throughout King County, with a mission to build emotionally healthy, self-sufficient families, and a central goal of ending the cycle of homelessness by addressing its impacts on families, especially children.  All of Wellspring’s core service programs ultimately seek to create emotionally and physically stable, healthy lives for kids.  The agency’s core program areas include Homelessness Prevention, Homelessness Intervention, Early Learning, Parenting Services, and Domestic Violence Intervention.  

Supporting Homeless Kids and Families at Wellspring

Nearly 800 young children are homeless every night in King County.  Wellspring Family Services is working every day to end homelessness for these kids and their families.  There are many ways to help; find out more at

Wellspring Works with SIG

“For 15 years Sprague Israel Giles
has provided quality service, ensuring our employees have what they need to care for themselves and plan for their futures.

SIG delivers tailored services to meet
the needs of our complex nonprofit business, including providing cost-efficient coverage
for over 100 Wellspring employees.

We appreciate the way SIG staff take complicated information and make it understandable. 

We respect the values that
SIG and their staff embody---the desire
to give back to the community.”

Ruthann Howell
CEO/President of Wellspring Family Services

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